Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ive been naughty!

I have abandoned my blog lately. I feel awful as I was having so much fun doing it.. But guess that could be because I recently got ENGAGED :) yay!! So my internet time has pretty much involved mooning over other peoples wedding blogs (and driving my man crazy with my latest obsession with wedding plans).

So how did he do it? Well we went to Rotorua for a romantic weekend away. It was totally fantastic. We stayed in a lovely lodge with our own hot tub and had so much fun on amusement park rides, on the gondolas and the luge. After a lovely hot tub with plenty (perhaps too much wine) Steve grabbed my hands and started saying all this nice stuff to me (I was like .. hang on are you ok??) and then down on one knee with the most perfect ring ever.. I said yes and the rest is history (Don't even really get that saying .. just a bit corny really isn't it).

So me being me, after much kisses and cuddles I dragged the poor boy down to the supermarket down the road to buy some wedding mags and my planning begun!!

I want to stick with the vintage sort of shabby chic theme for my wedding. I have started (trying) to grow some hydrangers as I want to do something with them for the table. I say trying because 4 out of 6 of them look like they are about to die.. woops.

I am having a wedding website - which I want to make amazing - not just one of the ones you can subscribe to online - like go all out and build it from scratch (finally being a web developer and being stuck in a male ONLY career has come in handy!!).. Have only half made like a billion designs already and nothings good enough. It needs to be PERFECT.

Anywhoos I'm signing off for the night (Super Nanny is about to start - woo!) - So until my next blog full of all my wedding inspiration :) Ciao!
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