Thursday, September 23, 2010

My First Linky Party

So I've never hosted one of these before so lets give it a go! Give me some inspiration for this weekend and post all your awesome projects :)

You should recognise this picture if you love Rachel Ashwell's work like me. Just borrowing it!!

Please be kind and link back :) Also I could really do with a couple more followers!! :D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Icky Chair and Table Project

I picked this up off trademe (for a bit more than I would usually spend ($38).. ahh.. just a bit competitive when it comes to bidding!!).. I brought it off a lovely old man who was selling all his stuff to move into a resthome.

It looked a bit better in the photo on trademe!! .. As you can see below its a bit.. well.. Yuck.

So I was pretty excited to finally use the pink paint I brought :)
I love it and think it will look perfect in one of our spare rooms when it comes to sorting them out :)
I wasn't overally inlove with the fabric (after I brought it) but I quite like it on here.

Please come join my LINKY PARTY :) all very welcome

Friday, September 17, 2010

Coffee Table - Before and After

I picked this table up for $10 from a garage sale. Got my partner to do the bargining (hes so good at that).

 Our very nosey cat Ebony is the photo, she's currently pink from rubbing up all over my latest project..

All the sanding back and paint stripping work is even all done for me so straight off to Mitre Ten Mega for some paint.

I quite like the result. I wanted a duck egg blue, which it isn't quite.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mirror Magic

So i've been preettty slack with my projects lately .. A few weeks of uninspiring garage sales (Houses full off dolls, or crazy people trying to sell their underwear!!).. But last weeks garage sale was a success. Three new upcoming projects!

So I found this for $3 at one of the garage sales (I was lucky to get this as another lady was clearing out all the good stuff before I got there.. Very upset to miss out on a louis-style chair)

After a couple of coats of paint and a big split in my finger from scratching excess paint off with a blade ta da!!

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