Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Icky Chair and Table Project

I picked this up off trademe (for a bit more than I would usually spend ($38).. ahh.. just a bit competitive when it comes to bidding!!).. I brought it off a lovely old man who was selling all his stuff to move into a resthome.

It looked a bit better in the photo on trademe!! .. As you can see below its a bit.. well.. Yuck.

So I was pretty excited to finally use the pink paint I brought :)
I love it and think it will look perfect in one of our spare rooms when it comes to sorting them out :)
I wasn't overally inlove with the fabric (after I brought it) but I quite like it on here.

Please come join my LINKY PARTY :) all very welcome


  1. the pale pink really suits this set- so sweet and curvy! thanks so much for joining my party!


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