Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lounge Renovations

So over the xmas break, my partner and I had time to get stuck into some more renovations!

This was our old lounge before.. It was dark and well boring!

And although I did REALLY love the curtains in there, when I took them down the whole room brightened up.. So hopefully they will come in use for one of the bedrooms..

We fixed up the wallpaper that was already there (as purchasing new wallpaper would cost a heap with our ceilings being so high & the walls aren't gib so we can't just paint :( ) we painted over the wallpaper.

I purchased my new lounge suite from harvey norman.. Its the BEST purchase I have ever made.  I brought some other bits and pieces, and finally got to put up the mirror we were given for our engagement party, and put the blanket box we were given for xmas to use.

Here's the finished result!

My blanket 'PEACE' cushion above.. Such a cool cushion and I got it half price!
My ceramic flowers from 'Home'...I could live in that shop.

Stoked with the end result, though 'end' it isn't. Still need to find some blinds that actually fit our windows that don't cost a bomb, and paint the door.. and one day get new carpet..

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