Saturday, July 17, 2010

My First Blog

After spending pretty much ALL my spare time reading up on ideas for creating a Shabby Chic / French country styled home (& spending much time driving my partner nuts from talking about nothing else) I decided to try start up my own blog so I can rant on here instead :).

In January after months of house hunting my Partner and I purchased our first house. A gorgeous Villa, that we got for a bargain price as it was a bit of a tip. I'm in love. As it was built in 1910ish I want to do the place up but keep an old fashion cosy type look to it.

Anyway, recently I have discovered how much fun garage saleing is!! Below is a piece I picked up at a garage sale last week.

I know ugly right?? Trust me this isn't even the worst of it.. It came with all lopsided cushions that are faded and stained, these went straight into the washing machine.. and I wish I could tell you they came out looking great.. but im afraid not.. still as awful as ever.. and I'm not sure I could really even cover them.. so currently they remain in the hot water cupboard, well out of sight.

Annyway good old Grandad who helping me lug this thing home gave me some paint and a paint brush in white so as soon as I got home I dug in.. I put as much paint on as possible.. but it wouldn't get into the cracks, so I was off to get some spray paint (I now love spray paint!). I got one chair done and was stoked, but I also had a terrible cramp in my arm from spray painting, and with it being winter the fire soon became tempting. So the rest got left until the next day so I could rope Steve into digging into it with me.

Anyway as good as it looked, it needed more.. perhaps a coffee table? Here is a coffee table we inherited when Steve and I first moved in together.. Not great.. but we needed furniture..

And recently I saw potential! Much potential. So off it was to try find some crackle glue! First we went to Mitre Ten Mega, the man I asked almost looked like he was going to laugh "No we don't have that, that was in fashion like ten years ago..". So after a bit more searching we found the stuff at Resene. I was so excited to use it! So i sanded back the tables lightly to keep the dark colour and got stuck in.

The end result was much better and everything all together with my pretty new Shabby Chic candle holders off trade me for $10 I'm more than wrapped with the end result.

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  1. You are doing a WONDERFUL job with your shabby chic look. I adore it! Thanks for stopping by & participating in my Restyle Your World party.



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