Monday, August 9, 2010

My kitchen is finished!!!!!

Remember the before? A book shelf to store the plates... No room, no bench space, no draws, no cupboard space.. All pretty random really..

Above: My partner fixing up the walls which came off with the old tiles.. as the previous people used no more nails to stick them up...
This is the mess of a kitchen we lived in for our week of hard work (you should have seen the rest of the house - just as bad, filled of tools, random kitchen appliances etc etc)..

All that work paid off though. I LOVE MY KITCHEN. I was going to have three massive shelves above the kitchen bench but we couldn't find any appropriate studs in the wall.. I shed a tear as I put the rest of my pretty display kitchen items into the cupboard, including all my teacups! Though I think it's for the best as it would probably make the kitchen feel cluttered again...
I love my curtains - I got the wrong ones first as I'm an idiot who read the millimeters all wrong when i measured it.. 1040mm drop not 1400mm!! woops.

In conclusion : I love it! I'm so proud of Steve, who has never tiled before but they look fantastic. I have done two lots of baking in one and a bit days to get the most out of my new kitchen (and its still clean!!!)

and all this cost only about $1200!! - And I think that's including some takeaways as it was so hard having our oven unplugged and sitting in the middle of the dining room
  • The extra kitchen unit was originally a sink unit (for $150) but as we didn't want the sink that came down to only $80 from the demolition yard.
  • The handles I originally fell in love with were $20 each - but the knob versions of the same stuff were only $3.50.
  • Tiles were $1.50 each - We weren't actually going to tile... until I saw these flower patterned tiles.. Steve wasn't very impressed when I begged him if we could tile (even though it should have really been done first and we had never tiled before!)
  • I have had my eye on these curtains ever since we looked for the ones in our dining room - $35.00
  • Paint - we still had my fav colour caramel milkshake left over from the dining room but we needed primer sealer and skirting / window sill paint. 
  • And then all the other bits and pieces - i now have 2 staple guns which i put the staples in wrong in them and they both don't work now :S but have stolen dads. Our halway is now full of tools and bits and pieces as we don't actually have a garage!
  • New Bench top $108.00
  • My pretty new shelves were the expensive part and I can't even put them up now!! So they might have to go up when we do our next project (The lounge)

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  1. Wow, this is so cute! I love how open & airy it feels. You must be happy with it:)


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